Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sci-Fi Love Triangle Movie Based on a Novel

As one does when it's damp, grey, and depressing, I went to the cinema and caught Kazuo Ishiguro's Never Let Me Go. Ever since I mistook Carey Mulligan for an extra (fota talaga, ganitokamiclose habang nagyoyosi si Bond Girl di ko pa pinansin) during filming of the movie that would propel her into unreachable stardom, my penance is to watch every one of her movies. I had an on-off crush on Kiera (on pag Pasko dahil mandatory viewing ang Love Actually. Medyo cute siya doon) but completely lost it upon seeing this movie. She's so babalicious (lalo na pag nagtabi sila sa bilog pero magandang mukha ni Carey) plus she only has one look - puro panga at underbite. The last mindfuck movie I saw before this was Dogtooth (NOW that is satisfyingly sick). As everyone knows, the novel is existentialist chorva. And so is this adaptation by Alex Garland (the author/filmmaker na laging tambay sa Pinas). The girl next to me was sobbing at the end (they all die). I think everyone in the cinema was sobbing. Shet, humagulgol ako, tulo sipon. Nabawasan pagka-macho ko ng 2 degrees pare, it's so deep. I needed lots of cheese and sugar after watching this film that I walked in the rain to my favourite patisserie but then when I got there it was closed. Anyways, Never Let Me Go is a good fantasy film. Biro niyo, hindi naman ganun ka-gwapo yung lalaki pero pinag-aagawan siya ng dalawang chicks. That's so hanep ha.

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