Wednesday, 2 February 2011


Leica Gurl (also known as Medium Format Girl) zooms from South Expressway to Katipunan faster than The Stig. She, however, is oblivious to Top Gear. The Nashman loves Top Gear and he doesn't even drive. Why is he holding a cone of ice cream while driving through a burning building? she asks. 'He's testing the car's airconditioning system'. But why? 'Because! Why not?!'. That's silly! 'No it's not. It's genius'. No it's not. 'Yes it is!' Silly! 'Quiet, I need to concentrate. What if I do this? Not looking dear, it's Top Gear time. What about this. Not now! And if I do this? Not feeling it! Finally she gives up and goes away to raid the fridge. What can I say, Top Gear is holy.

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