Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Good Samaritan Exists

On my cycle route home is a small patch of forest that is very dark on a moonless night. The batteries of my cycle light have been dead for days and I keep forgetting to replace them but I've ridden this trail about 300 times and I know the curves pretty well. I could navigate it by instinct. I was aware that a girl was cycling just behind me. And so I tried to accelerate but my cycle chain snapped midway in the darkest and muddiest bit of the woodland. I moved to side and waited to let the other cyclist pass. Amazingly, she stopped. And offered help. And the cynical me expected her to have sped off. I said I was ok and would just walk and said thanks anyway. And then it hit me - Damn it. If I were a serial killer or a pyscopath or a vampire, that would have been an ideal place to add victim number x. Fortunately, in real life, I'm actually quite a nice guy and was happy that there are equally nice strangers.

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