Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Perhaps one sign of an old (or advanced) society is the quality of betting propositions. It's a great British tradition, betting on the most obscure to the most mundane possibilities. So, The Nashman is looking at the propositions and the odds hoping for a windfall. Obviously, for maximum ROI, one has to back the long shot propositions. Sa dehado, ika nga.

As I said on Facebook, a more appropriate first dance song would be The Aegis Band's "Basang basa sa ulan".

Why any bride would want a 32 ft bridal train is beyond me...but if Katie opts for one, some punters will be modestly rich.

A kiss on the ear?? In bed maybe...but on the balcony would be very daring...and if he did, would be awesome. Sadly, it will undoubtedly be a peck on the lips. Even Madame Auring can see it coming.

Ok, this is the most difficult bet. Blue is out of the question has Queen Lilibeth wore that today.

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