Saturday, 9 April 2011

The Great Manila Earthquake of 1863

A book I stumbled upon in the dark forgotten stacks of the library by an American GI living in the 'PI' at the turn of the century. uLOL* at 'Manila is the Venice of the Far East'. Maybe it was then, definitely it is NOT now - Ok, I saw some massive nasty looking rats in Venice too during the acqua alta when the Venetian water is as black as the Pasig so one can argue that it still is. I do think Manila is a charming shithole and it definitely has that exciting chaotic vibe missing in other cities. I like visiting but it's not a great place to live unless you are desensitised to the existing extreme wealth disparity. I did once live briefly in Sampaloc. Sampaloc and Quiapo are awesome, just don't bring valuables but just enough small bills hidden somewhere. I once went out with just a shirt and my boxer shorts (in such a heaving 24/7 overpopulated city it's impossible to stand out.) *uber laugh out loud

The Manila earthquake of 1863 lasted 30 seconds and caused 400 deaths. That was 148 years ago when the population of Manila was just under 200,000. Manila hasn't shook violently since and the population is now 1.66M (Metro Manila has a total population of 12 million)

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