Friday, 15 April 2011

Royal Wedding Overkill and Why Wikileaks is not needed in the Philippines.

The Philippine Consul general basically went on the record to spread 'reports' ie. gossip (chismis) which ABS-CBN happily spun into a strongly affirmative headline. Well and good if it is true. I hope manang wears a Maria Clara terno. While employment with the Royal Household means you have to sign the Official Secrets Act, the invitation to the wedding is not a state secret and the public already knows most of those invited (and who weren't - The Obamas and Fergie for example). It would have been a simple case of asking Manang if she did get an invite but nooooo, ABS-CBN has the Consul General who is more than happy to verify the unverifiable. Bitter lang kasi ako dahil hindi ako imbitado. Magsusuot pa naman sana ako ng vintage frock mula sa 2008 collection ni Ashley's Royal Friend from the Sultanate of Culiat

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