Friday, 27 May 2011

Test Roll Photo Dump of the Olympus Trip 35

Nothing to see here. Just getting a feel for the Olympus Trip 35 that RJ found for me at the ukay-ukay in Londontown. It fires ok but I keep forgetting to adjust the range and so most of the images are blurry. And I still haz to werq out the flash tables coz the flashed ones are washed out. For fafiness: Fomapan 100 classic developed in 1+50 R09 for 8 minutes (don't care about temp, never did), rinse whatever, silverfixed, then clotheslined with my undies, then scanned with our usual shitty film scanner.


Rene said...

Parang WW2 era pictures! Napa-ihi ako.

The Nashman said...

ang lalabo hindi ko pa kapa yung fixed distance...sabi kasi feet or meters eh dangkal ang alam kong sukat. mapapagalitan ako sa putuporum nitu.