Wednesday, 29 June 2011

This Mad Hatter, or Milliner, Is Pinoy

And he seems to have a knack for attracting the BBC interviewers because he was also spotted during the royal wedding wearing a fantastic hat with representations of all the royals (including Lady Di, but of course, pinoy na pinoy). Today he graced Wimbledon wearing another of his creations. I forgot who he said he was rooting for because that hat, gadam it, is amazeballs.

If anyone knows who, where, what, how, he is, please contact me as I need a hat.

The department owns some fine art by Damien Hirst

This is one of his less controversial but thought provoking seminal works.

And why not.....


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Hola muchachos.

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Saturday, 25 June 2011

Noynoy Aquino complains about his own people...

...but then again won't fire them. WTF. Hello? Bakit di mo sila matanggal kung sakit sila ng ulo? Yan ba ang ipinagyayabang mong daang matuwid? I bet Ricky 'The White wine is ok and I lied about Mai Mislang' Carandang is one of those fuck-ups. The other one is Mar 'I really had no chance of winning the presidency even if I married maid abuser Korina Sanchez for the masa vote but let's pretend I sacrificed it for you so give me a high profile job' Roxas.

But is she more edcated than trainspotter Hermon Kaur Raju?

Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 is the awesome.

It's also £7348+vat with a one year waiting list. This is serious stuff baby.

The view from my penis.

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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Pygophile: a proper term for someone who loves...

...a good butt. "Pippa actually has the ass of a prepubescent boy. I've not actually got what all the fuss is about. I prefer a bigger bum. I'm definitely a bum man, but she's not doing it for me. Sorry Pippa." - Tinie Tempah (Posted via Crapberry)

But does it blend?

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Juxtoposition: Subliminal messaging

Burglars, squatters, prime minister's wife, royalty.(Posted via Crapberry)

Massive News

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New Christo art installation

It's so deep and more thought provoking than the saffron curtains he put in Central Park

Dante and Beatrice

1884 Henry Holiday

Short despots

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Impossible Position 1

Yeah right. Arthur's forearm must be very strong or sore. Try staying in this position with your girlfriend for more than 10 minutes while having some sort of conversation.

Shopping at the poor man's waitrose

Check out my humongous trolly. This is how we roll. Now where are the cheap nomnomz?

Why I love the Japanese.

Go Robert!

May asim pa si lolo

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Does not compute

Two questions are bouncing on my head....

I was browsing the interwebs and was led to an article on the last Harry Potter movie which then led me to the youtubes and then to this. So I wonder how long will this be online before someone flags it. The second question is who de feck are these people?? Bouncy bouncy.

Edit: First Question answered....clip taken down by the youtubes when I checked 23:00 BST.


I know it's his birthday...

...and I have a fairly decent grasp of history and I have read the required texts in the canon and I appreciate him as a polymath....but to deify Jose Rizal demeans the greater contribution of the many men, women, and children who LIVED to ACT and tried to make the 'revolution' a success. I will borrow an oft repeated Catholic line: Ora et Labora. You can't do anything if you are dead....and if you only do Ora sans Labora while alive you might as well be dead too.

Now, let's focus on Jose Rizal's lovelife and how he dodged the STDs of Europe. That's a far more interesting topic methinks.

This is the point where I nod and cup my chin

and comment how lovely and well made it is and ask the hovering salesgirl about colours and size before declaring tsk tsk it's a shame it's in the wrong colour and I'm more a Bottega buyer......and walk slowly but gracefully away. But yes, everyone needs a good trunk for books. Books are precious.

Friday, 17 June 2011