Wednesday, 31 August 2011

More Senti

Part of my Lola's farm is on the left. It doesn't look impressive but this is actually a steep slope (the forested area) 2400 metres above sea level. That badass grey Y are scree slopes. I used to 'free climb' one of the smaller scree slopes (yellow arrow). There's a small stream rushing along and we made a power shower (bamboo to redirect the water) and jacuzzi (rock dam). This being the Cordilleras, everyone was au naturel but more often than not you had it to yourself. The water is always cold though. The awesomest thing about this side of the mountain is that it has an underground stream (cave access, red arrow). When I was little it used to be wide open but it was wall to wall of water and I've never fully explored it. It provided crystal clear potable water and the cave entrance was eventually blocked to prevent vandals (rare for a local to do anything crazy with the water supply but all you need is one crazed individual to ruin it for everyone)

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