Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Sige inday, with feelings. With matching head sway sway pa ang mga bata. It's so Jolina. Please don't follow the advice of CBCP handmaiden Jo Aurea Imbong. If you decide to go to 3rd base, use a condom, don't be stupid. Don't be an Andi Eigenman. These are the facts: (1) Andi Eigenmann is 21 years old, that's an adult; (2) Andi Eigenmann had consensual sex with a boy. And yet galit galitan si Andi at kanyang mga magulang dahil nabuntis siya ng lalaki. It's as if it's ALL the boy's fault. Andi is old enough and the sex was consensual..both of them are at fault for not using contraception. No means no and if yes and you don't want to get pregnant, ask your boyfriend to put a rubber on. Even if your parents for whatever reason don't teach you that, it's the 21st century how the fuck hard is it to google 'contraception' and 'pregnancy'. (We have no ill will against Andi Eigenmann...we just read the news and find the circus tragically very funny in 2011)

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