Sunday, 18 September 2011

Tito Sotto paid $11,000 for 7 days on what is essentially a glorified Kapihan ng Mahahangin

Typical curriculum requirements of Tito Sotto's 7-day Vacation in Boston:

Each day, participants prepare and discuss cases that highlight the difficult decision-making situations faced by leaders in countries in which major political and economic transitions are going on. In small group and class sessions, they work together with faculty to analyze the economic, political, and organizational factors that surround such decisions.

Participants also develop and present their own cases of situations that have taxed their leadership skills and called forth innovative solutions to difficult problems.
A variety of exercises and small group activities develop skills in problem definition, priority setting, conflict resolution, negotiation, and risk assessment. Internationally prominent scholars share research findings and analysis related to the concrete problems of reform.

daily schedule generally begins with small group discussions, followed by a class discussion of a case. After a break, participants consider a second case or develop additional insights about the issues raised in the first session. After lunch, participants continue with case discussions or analytic exercises. Evenings are normally free for case preparation, reading, and interacting with other participants.

Competency in
English is essential to benefit fully from the program.

For this, Tito Sotto gets a certificate of attendance and Harvard gets decent money to subsidise proper academics. Tito Sotto then becomes the top Statistician in the Philippine Senate. Maybe Tito Sotto should ask Vic Sotto how he never got any of his girlfriends pregnant....maybe they really just pray the rosary during their intimate moments.

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