Monday, 2 April 2012

Ginataang Binagoongang Baboy o Porc au lait de coco et la crevette fermentée (para posh)

Fatty halal/kosher pork. The more the fats the better but The Nashman is on a diet so this is lean pork loin.

The usual suspects including lemongrass and lots of chili. We use white and violet onions. White onions are kinda like binabaeng bading while the violets are more butch and potent. We use lots of garlic because English supermarket garlic is a bit bland.

Toast the dessicated coconut....

..until it is brown like The Nashman.

Alamang shrimp paste fermented by barefoot men with athlete's foot.


..saute then with the alamang.

Then add the slow boiled pork.

After 10 minutes of simmering add the coconut milk.

Brown sugar.

Cane vinegar.

Add the toasted coconut after much simmering.

The housemates waiting for de nomnomz.

Et voila! P100 per order for the common man, P675 plus service charge for the conyo burgis Salcedo/Fort Boni market crowd.


ashley said...

looks yummy. pero bakit may sugar? white sugar pa.

The Nashman said...

brown yun pero imported na brown sugar kaya light...parang yung kaibigan mong si princess tatiana of libya...ang pinagkaiba, yung brown sugar na ginamit ko, refined brown sugar...siya hindi refined, nagbubudbod lang ng placenta skin whitening cream kaya 'white'.