Saturday, 14 April 2012

Snap Photo Assault: Flat Pack Hobbit House

We are making a guest house for when Frodo and his mates come over.

Time 5 minutes.

One of only two metal parts (excluding the screws).

Time 10 minutes.

Time 12 minutes.

Time for EU Law mandated tea break.

Hullow, I'm the pwoject manager. What seems to be ze delay?

Time 30 minutes.

Hang on a minute!

Zis is not my design!!!

I specified pink woofing! Zis is not peeeenk! I wefuse to sign my name into zis monstrosity! Zis is no longer me design!

Time 50 minutes.

Done! The Hobbit Guest House. It's a bit flimsy. We hope it won't fall down when the hobbits decide to have orgies in there.

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