Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Hipster Shaun's Dinakdakan

There is much conyo burgis hoity toity foodie patay gutom blogger nagkukunwaring journalist daw debate over whether you can use mayonnaise over pig's brain for Dinakdakan to be 'authentic'. Hipster Shaun is not so concerned  about this issue. Also, because this is the age of nasty prions due to the cutthroat demands of modern animal husbandry, Hipster Shaun would rather risk salmonella with the mayo than Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease with the brains. Hipster Shaun is also not overly concerned with whether this dish is truly 'Ilokano' because very close variants exist in the Iberian Peninsula. Haan! Awan bibiyang mi! We don't care if this is an Insulares or Peninsulares dish! We only care that you have to boil then grill the pigs ears for it to be called dinakdakan! Some restos, shock horror, fry the ears! Some would just simply boil it and stop at that. How fucking lazy is that! Kinnana apay dinakdakan issu nu naiprito gademet. Hipster Shaun will have none of that and requires that the meat be grilled! Only then can it be called Dinakdakan. 

This dish has to be served on Porcelata and not some conyo burgis plato na binili mo sa Greenbelt store kung saan ang presyo ay dolyares.

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