Friday, 2 May 2014

Saigon Dinner: Eatery along Cach Mang thang Tam

Consumerism/capitalism marries us all.....and there is no divorce.

This is what you call a head to tail restaurant. No part of the animal is wasted! Eat the innards, wear the skins! So Eco!

The last time I ate snake, it was at a Michelin-starred restaurant. You wouldn't even know you were eating snake. This sounds very back to roots rustic.

However, snake is so last year. Fortunately they have porcupine!

As a starter, missionary sex pork barbecue. It was much nomz.

The grilled porcupine arrived. It was yummy! Very tender! Like duck minus the fat!

Then some stir fried frogs....which came with the skins.

To finish, grilled fish.

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