Monday, 14 July 2014

The Tyranny of Choice and Social Standing

Childhood is opening a fresh bottle of Lily's peanut butter and dipping pan de sal in the 1 cm of oil floating over the actual peanut butter. Mmmm. Pag feeling mo naman maging conyo-burgis for the day, Waitrose o Whole Earth organic ek tapos ask yaya to make the sandwich because you are so gutom na.

Email is so passe. Snail mail will always be cool

Says Hipster Shaun as he receives new boxes of personalised note cards and lined envelopes

Hipster Shaun asks: Do you really want to send love letters via email? It's so baduy. 

But it's not just love letters. We also send hate mail if we hate you enough. We haz dreams of hi-falutin spats ala Marquez v. Llosa.

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Awesome Shoes from Saigon!

Hipster Shaun got mail today and was very excited!

It was our made to order shoes! In red patina as we specified!

The Saigon artisans did a pretty good job with Italian calf leather. We iz impressed.
The shoes a perfect! With enough handmade quirks.

Closed channel sole! Yay!

Rounded classic toe.

The heel.

The logo.

The house signature turquoise blue.

Excellent welting.

Just the right toe spring.

We might order more once we see how it breaks in and ages

Hipster Shaun was happy with the 8-week wait.