Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Protect yourself at all times

What's strange about this photo is not that they are nude (pretty normal in Oxbarrio) but that someone managed to get a left handed epee. When I was fencing, it was hard to find the bloody left handed epee.

Ice Araneta Cubao

Coming soon to a drink near you. Reminded me of when I was revising for the ECE Board exams and living in Dimasalang. Ice would be delivered like this in front of the carinderia every morning. So do you want ice for your softdrink? No thank you.

Not sure what this bloc is for (it could be for meat and fish) but yep, they just drop them on the mean streets of Cubao and drag them to where they need to be.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Bring everything with you.

So basically, you are a bedspacer that needs to bring with you a hot and cold shower, mini-dining, and your own kitchen space. Demanding naman ha. File under 'bad phrasing'.

Acacia Hotel Manila (ie Acacia Hotel Not Actually in Manila but in Alabang)

The most critical thing you need to know about Acacia Hotel "Manila" is that it is NOT actually in Manila. (Truth in advertising!) Rather, it's in faraway Alabang (it's practically Laguna/Cavite). There is NOTHING in Alabang for a casual tourist. Also, bear in mind that all hotels in Alabang (7 of them) are overpriced. (Like you'd go to Vivere because it's a 'destination' hotel. Puleez).  The only conceivable reasons you're in Alabang, as a foreigner,  are a)you are on business for Laguna Export processing zone companies or b)you are with an escort. In the case of Acacia Hotel "Manila", it can be both. On the two days we had buffet breakfast, there was AT LEAST one middle aged man sharing a table with an appropriately dressed younger woman.  No, she's definitely not the secretary. Who knew the buffet hall of Acacia Hotel "Manila" was the place to be for the world's oldest profession? More importantly, I hope the escorts are charging well because, obviously, it's a difficult and seasonal job. (The clients are not exactly George Clooneyish)

People of all persuasions trying to get their money's worth in Alabang.

The best part of Acacia Hotel Not Manila is the egg section. There's a nice chef who can do your eggs as you like.

You know  Acacia Hotel Not Manila is not a real 5-star hotel when you read the place signs.

Laguna lake is behind those boring buildings.

PS: I did not make this judgement based solely on appearance. It's pretty normal, naman, to come to hotel buffet wearing a cocktail dress. As in. I also eavesdropped on their conversation. And I tell you, they are not discussing Excel Sheets.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Mandatory Luisa's Cafe Siopao

The wifi password has changed. It's now "orderfirst".

Luisa's is the best place to wait out the rain. It's cheap and filled with Baguio's weirdos, drunks, has-been politicians, contractors, pundits, olde traders, and is still the de facto headquarters of journalists (Upstairs. Avoid if you don't smoke). As such, keep your ears open for gossip.

Nothing is more satisfying than..

...peeing on ice.

Restaurants in Bakakeng?? Surely you jest.

Who knew that one day Bakakeng would be a foodie destination? But here it stands, a diner serving American Southern dishes.

I'm taking a mental note of this oven because I want to build my own.

The dining room has a view of SLU's mini - track oval. I think it's 200 metres around.

The dark beer cheesecake. And the wifi password. (Not very subtle)

Incidentally, Ozark is next to The Arc ( a dormitory).

It's also next to Harvard and Princeton. Go figure.

The beard of Awesome

Man in front of me in the Bakakeng jeepney.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

I went for a walk/jog and ended up in the grocery. I felt peckish and decided I wanted to make puto. Nevermind that it was near midnight. I was not going to be denied. Tonight I decided I wanted saffron puto with cheese.

The saffron. I used around 0.5g. There's no point scrimping.

The batter.

Use your fingers in the same vigorous and generous manner Marlon Brando lubed up Maria Schneider in Paris.

Steam. Add raclette only because it's available.

Sprinkle the coconuts.

Hipster Shaun approves of this midnight snack.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Cheat Night.

Hipster Shaun and tonight's transfaterrific dinner of red rice with quenelle of crab fat and crisped onions, kimchi, deep fried pork, and Hofbrau Original

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Formula 1 Dinner

Red chicken curry. Missing thai basil. Thai basil makes all the difference.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Tonight's TV Dinner While Watching The Doctor

Except for the Tinawon rice, everything else came from the store. Fried dal and lamb rogan josh. Flushed down with Kopparberg strawberry and lime.

Twas a nice twist in the end.

Apparently, we are having less sex this year.

I agree....but for reasons other than financial woes and pets. We grew fat and are thus unable to perform erotic calisthenics. There were positions we used to do when we were young and nubile but add 10kg on your waist and belly and they become forms of torture.

I have no problem sharing the bed with pets. This is me and FatOtis. We are both fat.

Looking for Kuchi Kuchi

We need some kuchi kuchi for CastelFartOtti. I think gold coloured cutlery looks nice once in awhile but you know it's not gold so it will probably be annoying knowing.

Cabinet knobs. Nothing I fancy.

Calorie replacement. Good coffee, not so good cheesecake.

Today's Lazy Lunch

Woke up. Spent two hours in bed just reading. Skipped breakfast. Got hungry. Cooked lunch. Was lazy. So fried chicken and aubergines in the oven.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Hipster Shaun Cocktail Hour.

Corpse Reviver. Equal parts lemon, gin, cointreau, and a dash of absinthe. We don't have Lillet at the moment although we saw some in Alabang that building where all the matronas do Bikram Yoga...


I was watching (or attempted to watch) Grace of Monaco. Got bored. Fell asleep. Woke up peckish. So why not a grilled 3-cheese sandwich? I had Swiss raclette, Norwegian jarlsberg, and English mature cheddar. Turkish white bread buttered by the French and pan lubricated by Palestinian olive oil. It's all so United Nations.

Typhoon Mario and Habagat 2014

ABS-CBN News Photo reminds me of George Washington crossing the Delaware.

Friday Brunch to Celebrate the United Kingdom

Creamy parmesan mashed potatoes with truffle oil.

Making mint sauce from scratch.

Roast lamb chops served with roast garlic on the side.

Queen Lilibeth is most amused