Saturday, 27 September 2014

Acacia Hotel Manila (ie Acacia Hotel Not Actually in Manila but in Alabang)

The most critical thing you need to know about Acacia Hotel "Manila" is that it is NOT actually in Manila. (Truth in advertising!) Rather, it's in faraway Alabang (it's practically Laguna/Cavite). There is NOTHING in Alabang for a casual tourist. Also, bear in mind that all hotels in Alabang (7 of them) are overpriced. (Like you'd go to Vivere because it's a 'destination' hotel. Puleez).  The only conceivable reasons you're in Alabang, as a foreigner,  are a)you are on business for Laguna Export processing zone companies or b)you are with an escort. In the case of Acacia Hotel "Manila", it can be both. On the two days we had buffet breakfast, there was AT LEAST one middle aged man sharing a table with an appropriately dressed younger woman.  No, she's definitely not the secretary. Who knew the buffet hall of Acacia Hotel "Manila" was the place to be for the world's oldest profession? More importantly, I hope the escorts are charging well because, obviously, it's a difficult and seasonal job. (The clients are not exactly George Clooneyish)

People of all persuasions trying to get their money's worth in Alabang.

The best part of Acacia Hotel Not Manila is the egg section. There's a nice chef who can do your eggs as you like.

You know  Acacia Hotel Not Manila is not a real 5-star hotel when you read the place signs.

Laguna lake is behind those boring buildings.

PS: I did not make this judgement based solely on appearance. It's pretty normal, naman, to come to hotel buffet wearing a cocktail dress. As in. I also eavesdropped on their conversation. And I tell you, they are not discussing Excel Sheets.

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