Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hipster Shaun Hits the Buffet Circuit: Laudico Guevarra's

It's me and Hipster Shaun's first time in San Juan. Seriously, it's so far and out of the way that this better be the bee's knees. We like the re-purposed old house. It's wood, it's good.

Hipster Shaun wonders if you can really implement a "No sharing leftovers" among Filipinos. We practically eat off others' plates.

Our pet peeve. Not touching 'beef' kaldereta. We be Ilocanos, kaldereta is always goat (and not because it's close to  'kalding'. We simply do kaldereta with goat. Period)

Hipster Shaun thought the skin of the lechon kawali/bagnet was not crackling enough.

Paella Negra was ok. Nothing special.

We did not touch this....because in the Cordilleras, pinakbet is generally a vegetable dish. We don't like this fusion fusion with bagnet.

We wanted to eat this but we were wearing a nice shirt. So no.

Hipster Shaun did not rate the dinuguan highly. It was reasonable.

Hipster Shaun's 8th or 9th plate. We stopped counting and taking photos. The saba dessert was horrible. The banana was malata. We wonder how it made the pass.

This is so depressing. Was this written by "Makata ng TV5"???  Seriously? Past is passed,...... Bigyan na ng Palanca Award! Ngayun din! Hora Mismo!

Hipster Shaun says go visit to encourage the rehabilitation of old ancestral homes. There are hits, there are misses. For P599 you'll forget about he misses.

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