Sunday, 12 October 2014

Hipster Shaun is not so impressed wth the grub at the Tower

Hipster Shaun showed up at the Tower Club in Makati for lunch. There is a silly dress code but, thankfully, being an A-list BBC Celebrity, Hipster Shaun was accorded the courtesy befitting his status. (This is Makati. HMBAK works here)

This being a bizniz peoples' club, we opened our eyes and ears for gossip and insider trading. A handful were expats and the rest (excluding us) were grim looking senior citizens. One table had WAGs (or in Manila, matronas). We overheard cliche business jargon (new introductions, inevitably beginning with 'oh, yes, he was my batchmate in conyo school'), love life (from the expat table), and the matronas were passing around pieces of jewelry amongst themselves. I overheard some Mining executives talking about ownership battles and was intrigued when 'Benguet Corp' was mentioned.

There was a limited buffet table. A rather sad selection. So we ordered a la carte. A little less sadder but still boring. And so a hamburger. I suppose people come here for the networking more than they do food. If you really wanted to impress an important client with cuisine, go elsewhere.

Hipster Shaun had soggy sans rival. Not as good as the one in Baguio of course.

To be fair, the club is quiet and affords a nice view of the remaining patch of green in central Makati.

Henry Sy would look at that patch of land and exclaim "Sayang ang lupa. Bakit wala pang SM diyan?"

*HMBAK - Hindi mo ba ako kilala?