Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hipster Shaun Nostalgia Tour of Faded Glories

Why go to the Manila Hotel to eat merienda when you could go to the Aristocrat for less? Well, we rationalised the extra cost as an entrance fee to wander the ground floor and view some of the remaining vestiges of  art nouveau and art deco in Maynila. Given the rate of demolition of historical buildings in Iskopolis, assume nothing in this city is forever, even a hotel as storied as this. We have never stayed at the Manila Hotel because while we like the idea of sleeping in a well aged room with nearly a hundred years of famous and infamous bodily fluid stains, it's rather quite expensive. And while one might wax lyrical about that fabled sunset, it's impossible not to be assaulted by the rancid sea of effluent that is Manila Bay from hereabouts. (And seriously, who are these people dining al fresco by the sea wall?????)


Imagine the grand entrance of the kleptocrats.

Kumuku-Mucha itich.

Hipster Shaun is having Gilbey's gin with something something.

The bibingka. Today was not a good day. The bibingka did not bring its A-game.

We loitered by the lobby waiting for famous people.

Hipster Shaun likes dark wood.

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