Monday, 6 October 2014

Taqueria Hipster Shaun

Me and Hipster Shaun can't be bothered to go navigate through the midget boxing bars, drug dealers, masahistas, prostitutes, fat caucasian sex tourists, and shysters of Kalayaan in Makati just for a craving for burrito. So, we learnt how to make our own barbacoa. We would have preferred cabrito but it's rare at the moment so we settled for vaca. We also like making things to our taste so this is probably not the real deal but who cares, it's fricking meat between bread. And so we are happy.

Chunks of Brasilian beef ...

.....marinated with Hungarian paprika, Indian cumin, Afghan chili, garlic (lots), and chipotle sauce from a bottle. (Because good luck getting smoked jalapeno outside the Americas)

Sear the beef.....

...and then add the onions and the stock and then leave it at low heat for two episodes of the ridiculously photogenic Swedish Crime drama 'Mördaren ljuger inte ensam' (Seriously, this program is nothing more than hipster design porn)

Chinese garlic. Sadly. But we need to engage China rather than ostracize them. (Foreign policy can be solved in the kitchen)

Habanero is your friend. I always keep forgetting not to touch my penis after slicing chilis.

Finally it's ready to pull.

The beef should provide no resistance.

Et voila. Our pulled beef.

Hipster Shaun, in keeping with the Swedish theme, serves our Mexican grub with cider.

Or, let's go all Mexican and have them with tequila sunrise the following day.

We made enough to last us a week.

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