Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Thank Ramon Ang for the TPLEX

The longest bus ride I've ever taken was London to Glasgow (and back) and it took less time than some of my 2000s Baguio-Manila commute despite being twice as far. The worst bit is when the bus stops over to pick up/drop off passengers in bumfuck Dau. I used to do Baguio-Manila at dawn coming back at night and would fume whenever some fucker rode the same bus and wanting to get off in fucking Dau. The young kids are lucky that there are now nonstop Manila-Baguio trips. Moreover, the trip is now three hours short. Expressways are safer too as there are no pedestrians and tricycles.

The TPLEX is not as wide as the SCTEX but at least the surface is smooth enough that you can do cruise control and watch the inflight movie.

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