Saturday, 29 March 2014

Maligayang Kaarawan

Happy Anniversary to the CPP-NPA! Ituloy ang laban! Pabagsakin rehimeng Noynoy-Obama! Kapitalista pahirap sa bayan! Kolonialismo, imperialismo, pasismo tugisin! Mabuhay ang Rebolusyonaryong Pilipino!  Sahod itaas, presyo ibagsak! GMO seeds pakana ng mga profiteers! Now have some Spanish jamon iberico and manchego, Greek cave aged feta, South African wet biltong, and Scotch. Ibagsak ang globalisation at cliche pseudo-revolutionary slogans!   Karaoke sa Holland para sa politburo sagot ng buwis ng mga mangagawang Dutch! Come one come all! Magsasaka at mangingisdang Pinoy kusang nag-aambag para sa revolutionary tax. 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Resoled Grensons

The Grensons have been resoled by a French cobbler. The shoes were soaked by the great Habagat storm of 2012. This is why you get Goodyear Welted shoes, they can be easily recycled by a competent shoemaker.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Kafagway Jeepneys

Tingnan mo naman Ashley, fuma-fantasy ang peg ng mga jeep sa aming bayan. Say?

Vivian Maier

Supernanny Vivian Maier visited Asia, including the Philippines, in the 60s.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Four times at least (as I recall), I tried to open the wrong flat, forcefully trying to get my key into the lock. All the hallways and stairwells are identical in the housing estate in that precise and efficient German fashion. After a night out getting lubricated with the typical 1 liter beer steins it can get all so disorientating. I got the shock of my life when my door was sealed off by the Polizei before realising "Shit, I'm in not just in front of the wrong door, I'm also in the wrong building."

Hipster Shaun has no problem with Bauhausing.

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Shoe Shining

Our shoes were really manky that Hipster Shaun took it upon himself to clean and rejuvenate the swathes of dead cow.

Hipster Shaun stripped off old polish from the shoes, applied leather conditioner, and then rubbed in shoe cream using the olde spit and shine method. (Spit substitute = the most overpriced glacial water found in the conyo burgis store)

Hipster Shaun is knackered but happy with the result.

Saturday, 1 March 2014


HRO Karl Willem, PA/PR Gromit, und Hipster Shaun are macaron monsters!

Playing with the Samsung NX Mini

It's small. It's got an interchangeable lens. And it automatically gives you a countdown timer when you want to do a selfie.