Thursday, 30 October 2014

Hipster Shaun doing non-Hipster things.

Ok Chaps, let's get this show on the air.

Coz Hipster Shaun has important bizniz to attend to.

Hipster Shaun is impressed with Cathay Pacific's Cheese and Port selecshun.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Irish Cufflinks

We haz cufflinks from Ireland. Yay.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Mmmm Penicillin.....

Blue cheese is quite beautiful. Tonight's pairing with Port (of which we are running perilously short) is Bleu d'Auvergne. More importantly, it's not pasteurised. Mmmmm.    

Friday, 24 October 2014

I love that he is so bored and nonplussed by it all.

Stop asking questions! Go away! I'm busy! I have bodies to burn!

Thursday, 23 October 2014


Hipster Shaun prepared an astounding thali to celebrate Diwali. Yes, we are not religious but we support holydays that involve food. Admittedly, the only thing home made is the mango lassi and the raita. The rest, made by someone in classic capitalist efficiency.

Roti, raita, amritsari babycorn, chicken tikka, kerala duck curry, bhareli vangi, saag paneer, samosa, and rice.

Plus colourful sweets!

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Nokia 3310

Return to roots! Yay

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Boner night

Hipster Shaun decided to cook t-bone steak instead of going to Mamou. Tutal, baka kami masigawan ni G Toengi at Peque Gallaga doon.

It's nice to have decent portions on both sides of the t-bone. Also, it's Kiwi beef and definitely not Kano for us.

Garlic, zest, and butter for basting.


Saturday, 18 October 2014

It's mine and you can't have it!

No you can't! None for you, bitches.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Hipster Shaun Nostalgia Tour of Faded Glories

Why go to the Manila Hotel to eat merienda when you could go to the Aristocrat for less? Well, we rationalised the extra cost as an entrance fee to wander the ground floor and view some of the remaining vestiges of  art nouveau and art deco in Maynila. Given the rate of demolition of historical buildings in Iskopolis, assume nothing in this city is forever, even a hotel as storied as this. We have never stayed at the Manila Hotel because while we like the idea of sleeping in a well aged room with nearly a hundred years of famous and infamous bodily fluid stains, it's rather quite expensive. And while one might wax lyrical about that fabled sunset, it's impossible not to be assaulted by the rancid sea of effluent that is Manila Bay from hereabouts. (And seriously, who are these people dining al fresco by the sea wall?????)


Imagine the grand entrance of the kleptocrats.

Kumuku-Mucha itich.

Hipster Shaun is having Gilbey's gin with something something.

The bibingka. Today was not a good day. The bibingka did not bring its A-game.

We loitered by the lobby waiting for famous people.

Hipster Shaun likes dark wood.

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Conyo Burgisified: Burger

Burgers. Nothing has been more conyofied and burgishitified these past few years than burgers. We love burgers but it's just minced beef between a bun with two or three accoutrements. No need to give it a philosophy degree.

Hipster Shaun asks how are we supposed to eat this??

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Kaldingan idjay sango ni Hans Menzi

Just across from the PCGG-sequestered General Hans Menzi mansion is this kambingan. Incidentally, the property has been won at auction by someone who bid P130M plus change. Who knew 3,875 square meters in Baguio would fetch $2.8M? It's on Outlook Drive though which is relatively quiet and wooded and has good views of  Itogon. I know of 4 or 5 locals  who have that spare cash lying around but I wouldn't be surprised if a dayo /lowlander won it.

Big calderos and charcoal cookers are enough to entice me.

It was good and cheap. Now to scale the walls and have a snoop around the notorious Marcos crony's estate.....the crumbling log mansion left standing is very spirit questors ek-ek.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Haircut at Felipe and Sons

I am not hirsute but getting a shave is nice.....

It was weird to be served espresso during the process though. It went cold.

Sunday, 12 October 2014

EDSA Portalet

Red light at EDSA Extension. Bus driver gets down to pee. Many would see this as uncouth but what options are available? He drives around the Metro for long stretches and a bus can't just park anywhere convenient on EDSA so he can relieve himself. A driver with a full bladder is a bad, irritable, distracted, and dangerous driver. Also, given the length of EDSA and the rains, his pee is but a drop in the ocean. And before anyone says "This is so Pinoy" again, come to Paris where night owls caught out between venues are encouraged to pee on the convenient gutter facing the street rather than on the harder to clean walls.

Duwag! Humarap ka!

Hipster Shaun Hits the Buffet Circuit: Laudico Guevarra's

It's me and Hipster Shaun's first time in San Juan. Seriously, it's so far and out of the way that this better be the bee's knees. We like the re-purposed old house. It's wood, it's good.

Hipster Shaun wonders if you can really implement a "No sharing leftovers" among Filipinos. We practically eat off others' plates.

Our pet peeve. Not touching 'beef' kaldereta. We be Ilocanos, kaldereta is always goat (and not because it's close to  'kalding'. We simply do kaldereta with goat. Period)

Hipster Shaun thought the skin of the lechon kawali/bagnet was not crackling enough.

Paella Negra was ok. Nothing special.

We did not touch this....because in the Cordilleras, pinakbet is generally a vegetable dish. We don't like this fusion fusion with bagnet.

We wanted to eat this but we were wearing a nice shirt. So no.

Hipster Shaun did not rate the dinuguan highly. It was reasonable.

Hipster Shaun's 8th or 9th plate. We stopped counting and taking photos. The saba dessert was horrible. The banana was malata. We wonder how it made the pass.

This is so depressing. Was this written by "Makata ng TV5"???  Seriously? Past is passed,...... Bigyan na ng Palanca Award! Ngayun din! Hora Mismo!

Hipster Shaun says go visit to encourage the rehabilitation of old ancestral homes. There are hits, there are misses. For P599 you'll forget about he misses.

Hipster Shaun is not so impressed wth the grub at the Tower

Hipster Shaun showed up at the Tower Club in Makati for lunch. There is a silly dress code but, thankfully, being an A-list BBC Celebrity, Hipster Shaun was accorded the courtesy befitting his status. (This is Makati. HMBAK works here)

This being a bizniz peoples' club, we opened our eyes and ears for gossip and insider trading. A handful were expats and the rest (excluding us) were grim looking senior citizens. One table had WAGs (or in Manila, matronas). We overheard cliche business jargon (new introductions, inevitably beginning with 'oh, yes, he was my batchmate in conyo school'), love life (from the expat table), and the matronas were passing around pieces of jewelry amongst themselves. I overheard some Mining executives talking about ownership battles and was intrigued when 'Benguet Corp' was mentioned.

There was a limited buffet table. A rather sad selection. So we ordered a la carte. A little less sadder but still boring. And so a hamburger. I suppose people come here for the networking more than they do food. If you really wanted to impress an important client with cuisine, go elsewhere.

Hipster Shaun had soggy sans rival. Not as good as the one in Baguio of course.

To be fair, the club is quiet and affords a nice view of the remaining patch of green in central Makati.

Henry Sy would look at that patch of land and exclaim "Sayang ang lupa. Bakit wala pang SM diyan?"

*HMBAK - Hindi mo ba ako kilala?