Saturday, 29 October 2016

What's in my bag, the contrived millennial look at me version.

1. 11" 256MB Macbook Air
2. 2nd generation iPad Mini 128MB
3. iWatch 1 (don't get, totally useless)
4. iPhone 6s
5. Red Fino wallet
6. 3-Pen Fino case
7. Laguiole knife
8. Lidocaine spray (marketed as ejaculation delay, but used for instant anti-pain spray)
9. Montblanc 145 notebook
10. Fujifilm XM-1 with 23mm WR lens
11. Omas Notti di Bologna M-nib fountain pen
12. Omas Milord M-nib fountain pen

No, I don't really carry all these. This is just to keep up with the pretentious and contrived EDC ("everyday carry") bullshitry. I mean who the fuck carries a folding knife in the city? For what? And you already have a smartphone, why'd you have to lug around a tablet? And a camera? Puleez! Photos are taken using phones now!

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